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Royal Bodies was founded in 2014 by rico van huizen. he felt it was about time to reverse engineer the beginnings of true bodybuilding, which started with an art, athletics and the natural bodies ability to become strong and physically muscular. We bring back, which was once founded by the godfather of natural bodybuilding: Eugen Sandow (1867-1925)

Athletic Background
As a young sports fanatic, Rico was involved in many sports. Excelled in martial arts ,got his black belt in Taekwondo at the age of 12. After this he was also participating in Thai-Boxing and Soccer as a goalkeeper. But all these ventures ended by the age of 15 and after 6 months doing nothing, he was getting himself into the gym to lift some weights. 

Influencers for a lifetime
Influenced by his father, who was bringing rico as a little kid to the gym and he was fuzzing around with some weights, he was well known with the weightroom. Also, after seeing the movie by Arnold Schwarzenegger: Pumping Iron, he knew what he wanted to become. A Bodybuilder. It wasn’t long after his first show at the age of 17, rico was about to hear how these bodybuilder got so big: Steroids. Out of a sudden Rico his belief dropped instantly, but believed he could obtain a muscular body naturally, thanks to his influencer Bruce Lee. 

A bigger purpose
After becoming Junior Champion of Europe, Rico his sights was to motivate people to stay on the side of natural bodybuilding & fitness. Rico started his coaching career in 2014 with the name Royal Bodies. In 2015 he launched the documentary: I Am Natural Bodybuilder, which was a big success on Youtube. 

Until today, Royal bodies coached over 250 athletes around the world achieving their natural journey with us. 

Our mission: 
Make natural bodybuilding the norm again all over the world.

We will do this via our coaching, courses and live events.

Now, back to work!

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