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A goal without a structured plan, collecting data, analyzing, reasoning, stays an empty goal. A plan might look perfect on paper, but might work terrible for you. Personalization based on current situations in life, is what makes a good plan work. A good plan with hard work and patience makes success.

Rico van Huizen

HeAD COACH, Royal Bodies

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You are secured of all the details, once combined create succes. All factors come together and work synergetic.

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For prices make sure to apply first !



we want to make sure every client we take on, is one that is 100% willing to put in the work. Motivated individuals is who we work with. WE are a team of highly achieving atletes and coaches, so before applying make sure you are serious.

Initially you want to head over to the Apply page and fill out the form there. Please allow up to 7 days for a response.

After the application is received we will take a look at it and see if we are a great fit from our point of view. When we hesitate about the application, we might ask you further information for the screening process. We only work with highly motivated individuals (male or female), that give their 100% effort in building their physique to its maximum potential. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced, Overweight or underweight. 

Once we believe your are a good fit in our team a questionnaire forms the basis to get to know you better and to see what you already have been doing in the past. This way, we can screen your current lifestyle and all that matters to you personally. After you have send this questionnaire, we may ask some further questions so we can make a start with your individualized program.

After agreeing to work with each other, we will be asking you to pay the first installment upfront. From this point on, we can start working on your individualized program. 

After receiving the first payment. We will send you your individualized program to your e-mail. This e-mail entails every bit of information and files needed to start off your program on the first monday coming up. 

Now you are all set and ready to get busy working on your goals during the program. you’ll be sending your data to us every sunday, so we make sure every week there is new plan awaiting for you. 

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